Not measuring up as the leader you'd like to be; aligned, connected & inspiring?

•  Going through a recent major life change, loss, scare or wake-up call?

  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed and it’s negatively impacting your health, relationships and productivity?

  Living life according to what others believe and value, that isn’t authentic to who you really are?

  Following the “rules” and “recipe” for life, yet feeling a void and know there has to be more?

I help you look at your life and the world from a higher perspective and apply universal principles and real world skills to your life and work for greater peace, freedom, joy and success.


I’m a Transformational Global Leadership Coach, Spiritual Wisdom Leader, and Life Transitions Consultant with over 30 years of proven business and life experience. I’ve worked across cultures to help emerging and seasoned leaders, professionals and students, realize greater fulfillment and sustainable success through developing wisdom, applying universal principles to life and work, improving well-being and resiliency, developing healthier, rewarding relationships, and living life more fully. Added benefits: a greater experience of inner peace, freedom, joy and vitality.


  Apply universal principles to your life and work for more peace, freedom, joy and success

  Become a leader you'd truly admire: Inspiring; aligned in values, gifts and purpose

  Transform suffering from a life change or loss into peace and living life more fully

  Realize your inherent worthiness, devoid of accomplishments, titles, labels, money, relationships or material things

  Express your authentic, creative voice in ways that empower and enliven you and those in your workplace

  Create mutually rewarding personal and professional relationships based on vulnerability, honor, trust and appreciation

  Find and enhance your connection to your higher self/all that is/what is noble or divine


Breakthrough (Transcendent) Leadership/Role-modeling

Thriving & Rewarding Relationships

Mindfulness, Balance, Well-being and Resiliency

Spiritual Direction & Illumined Wisdom Development

Living Life Fully

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

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