Coach & Trainer: Global Leadership; Intercultural; Communication Skills; Transformation through Transition

I help professionals, managers and executives in transition make choices and decisions from a place of unified consciousness, integrating the wisdom of the mind, heart, body and spirit, for more success and fulfillment on every level.

My 25+ years of business experience with over 12 years of coaching includes helping senior leaders of global organizations create more success through developing intercultural competence, global influencing skills, increased rigor in their business practices, and a balance between process and results.

I’ve been a leader in intercultural and communication skills training, and was the VP of Sales & Marketing for International Dialogue Education Associates, a globally recognized leader for executives at Fortune 500 organizations in interpersonal skills for business.

As a sales leader, I’ve won numerous sales awards with Burlington Air Express and AT&T, including being in the top 15% of AT&T’s U.S. sales force.

I lived for over two years in Europe and Asia, studying and working in Switzerland and Japan, respectively.

Along with holding a Masters degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, I’m also an ordained interfaith minister, a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, abstract artist, and author of: "Make the Right Move Now: Your Personal Relocation Guide”.


Certified Communication Skills Training
Transformation through Transitions, including: Expatriation, Repatriation, Career Change, Relocation, Job Loss, Financial Loss, Divorce, Death, Illness
Grief Recovery
Spiritual Wisdom Coaching
Global Leadership Coaching
Intercultural Training
Expatriation and Repatriation Training

Additional Interests:
International Travel
Ken Wilber's Integral Theory
Quantum Physics
Open Space Technology
Creating and Leading Ceremony

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Why hire me? Client quotes...
She didn’t let things slip through the cracks…Barbara did an outstanding job of providing structure and focus around defining my career path…Barbara provided me with skills that I will use throughout my life, not only in my career but in other areas that require major decision-making… Barbara’s supersonic listening gift and intuitive nature combined with excellent professional skills has helped me shift in so many positive ways.  Her warm, responsive guidance assisted me in getting razor-sharp clarity on my values and how I want to use my gifts in the world…Your coaching style is “coaching by stealth” – you don’t insist, but you come up with great ideas and ask great questions which sort of linger and make you think afterward… Barbara truly is the best of the best among professional coaches.  Her superb listening skills, keen perception, and willingness to share her vast knowledge in personal development helped me transform my life… She is one of the most “grounded” women I know and her valuable coaching advice allows me to focus, think on my own and progress… you have a tremendous ability to sit with others in non-judgment and to help them see themselves more clearly… I loved the depth, humanity, sensitivity and caring Barbara brought to our times together. I feel blessed…. Barbara has empathy, integrity, and wisdom... Barbara was a supportive and creative coach who led me back to seeing myself as a vital and creative person… Barbara held the space of comfort & safety that made sharing feel less exposed or vulnerable. Her feedback was very valuable…                     


How can I help you? Client quotes...
a great sense of freedom…feel lighter…hopeful…truly healing…truly liberating…increased our revenue per existing customer by 30% and exceeded our new customer acquisition goals. …razor-sharp clarity on my values and how I want to use my gifts in the world…feel less fear…more trusting of myself…confident…hopeful…excited about the future…I am much more positive and have a lot more tools to draw on to resolve problems… I see a bigger picture…I don’t feel trapped in my life…empowered me…I have a better relationship with money…I see myself more clearly…I feel blessed…instrumental in helping me to create what I want in my life…I now make more money than I ever have before (more than double the salary of my last job)…relationship changes that are positively affecting my life…increased the quality of my life…led me back to seeing myself as a vital and creative person…allowed me to have the energy to get back to my goals….(I'm) a better happier personal trainer and mom - not to mention a saner one…I finally feel comfortable in my own skin… (Complete testimonials on “Testimonials” page)                                                                            


We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein


I can also help you…


 ~ Learn how to have greater love and acceptance for yourself.

 ~ Be comfortable in your own skin and true to yourself; living a personal and professional life that reflects who you really are vs. who others think you are or want you to be, whether it’s your friends, family, co-workers or society.

 ~ Get out of your head and mundane physical concerns and into your heart, and learn to communicate from this place for a deeper connection to yourself and others.  

 ~ Connect with your spirit and see your life, people in it and circumstances from a higher perspective for more peace, freedom and aliveness.

 ~ Express yourself creatively for greater fulfillment and connection

 ~ Apply universal spiritual wisdom to your life to experience more peace and joy; and incorporate these spiritual truths into your daily life for more happiness.

 ~ Find common ground and understanding with those people who are “different” from you for greater harmony and connection in your relationships.

 ~ Forgive others and yourself, to truly be free.

 ~ Attract and create what you want more easily and harmoniously, being in the flow vs. holding on to the riverbank.

 ~ Remember how to have fun and really live in the magic of life.


Does this describe you?

~ You care about living a life you love, and are committed to helping others and making a difference in the world.

~ You tend to value experiences over things.

~ You are independent and value freedom, learning and travel.              

~ You are ready, willing and committed to doing the inner work needed to shift your outer circumstances.

~ You have a high degree of integrity.

~ You take responsibility for your actions and outcomes.

~ You are willing to be vulnerable, authentic, take risks, and get outside comfort zone to try new things.

~ You are willing to change belief patterns that are no longer serving you, set boundaries, and speak your truth from your heart.



If these statements describe you, keep reading and/or give me a call for your complimentary consultation:  828-350-9300.







Thinking about relocating?

Make the Right Move Now: Your Personal Relocation Guide is a practical and interactive workbook designed to give you or you and your partner the clarity and confidence you need to find and move to your ideal place now. Through a complete step-by-step process, you will be able to: * take an assessment to see if a move is right for you now * Get clear on what you specifically want in your ideal location * Recognize and work through any fears that may be keeping you from moving * Learn how to find the right city or area for you * Decide among two or more "ideal" spots * Create a relocation plan that fits your needs * Glean wisdom from the stories and advice of others who've relocated successfully.

My wife and I found your book to be highly valuable because it made us confront certain aspects of our relocation right off the bat. For instance, we were all gung-ho about moving south, but one of your exercises made us realize that for us, quality of life was not just about cheaper pricing and great surroundings; it meant very little without any of our parents close by. We think this is very important for our daughter, and are now looking for housing in New Jersey that is closer to our parents with plenty of green areas and good schools. Each relocation has its unique characteristics, and your hands-on book allowed us to discover our own needs and solutions. In utilizing your guide I felt we had our own relocation consultant by our side!

Louis Lima, Director of Training and Network Services, Prudential Global Workforce Development, New York

I love the relocation guide, Barbara! First, it helped me visualize more clearly exactly what I want. Then I began to see that I needed a deeper exploration of different places, so that if I chose to move I would know exactly what to look for, based on my most important values and firsthand experience. As a result, I have set up my business schedule differently so that I could travel regularly, and I have visited some really unique places in the last couple of years. In the back of my mind, I have an invisible checklist, helping me decide if I would someday want to live there, and why or why not. My options are continuing to expand, so who knows what I shall find around the next corner. With your guide I got clarity of desire. A precious and priceless experience. Thank you.

Debbie Happy Cohen, America’s Focus Coach and author of Reach YOUR Stars! ™, Florida

Your relocation guidebook helped me realize that I am where I want to be. Most of my life I have moved on average every two years. I was starting to get itchy and thinking that maybe it was time to move, more lucrative opportunities, shorter winters, etc. However, after doing the assessment, I realized that most of my needs are being met here and that I can use my current home as my "world headquarters" and continue to travel for fun and business....creating more work in warmer climates in the winter. Thanks for sharing your resources and wisdom.

Ingrid Bredenberg, President of Human Resource Innovations, Massachusetts