Transformational Coach & Facilitator: Global Soft Skills & Maximum Effectiveness through: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

I am passionate about helping Global Leaders, high potential employees and other professionals be most effective and fulfilled by developing and applying four areas of intelligence: Physical, Cultural, Emotional and Spiritual*. In addition to holding a Masters in International Management, I’m a Global Executive Coach, Deep Change® Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Communication Skills Trainer and an Interfaith Minister.

My 30+ years of business experience includes helping senior leaders in global organizations create more success through developing intercultural competence, presence, global communication skills, increased rigor in their business practices, and a balance between process and results. I have coached U.S. American, Asian, European and Latin American Executives in the telecommunication, pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing and banking industries to experience greater success, and helped U.S. American and Japanese executives work together more effectively and sustainably. I’ve been a leader in intercultural and communication skills training and coaching, and was the VP of Sales & Marketing for International Dialogue Education Associates, a globally recognized leader for executives at Fortune 500 organizations in interpersonal skills for business.

As a sales leader, I’ve won numerous sales awards; I also lived for over two years in Europe and Asia, studying and working in Switzerland and Japan, respectively. I have a Masters in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. In 2014 I walked the 500 mile El Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain.

*Physical Intelligence (PQ): the ability to listen to the subtle signals your body gives you, then respond wisely. A leader who is tired or sick due to lack of sleep or exercise can't guide a business towards physical fitness. A leader operating at less than full capacity can't offer the passion, vision or ethical guidance a company needs. Stephen Covey has emphasized the importance of this in his book "The Eighth Habit". 

Cultural Intelligence (CQ): the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. This includes knowledge of cultural differences in values and communication styles; essential to building bridges and relationships. Without this knowledge and its application, you can't communicate, negotiate, or get things done effectively across borders.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): the ability to understand and manage your emotions while displaying emotional sensitivity towards others, this includes the ability to communicate effectively. Leaders who lose their temper easily or don't listen or communicate well aren't able to gain the trust or respect they need to get things done with and through others. 

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ): "The ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation" (Cindy Wigglesworth, This means acting from your best self vs. ego-self and it's critical when working in an increasingly complex world with multiple stakeholders and diverse perspectives. How you show up affects morale, turnover, and your ability to influence others, as well as the bottom line. It's the difference between being an energy infuser or energy drain on the people around you.

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Additional Interests:
International Travel
Ken Wilber's Integral Theory
Open Space Technology
Creating and Leading Ceremony
Creative Writing - To learn about my book: Make the Right Move Now: Your Personal Relocation Guide,
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Why hire me? Client quotes...
She didn’t let things slip through the cracks…Barbara did an outstanding job of providing structure and focus around defining my career path…Barbara provided me with skills that I will use throughout my life, not only in my career but in other areas that require major decision-making… Barbara’s supersonic listening gift and intuitive nature combined with excellent professional skills has helped me shift in so many positive ways.  Her warm, responsive guidance assisted me in getting razor-sharp clarity on my values and how I want to use my gifts in the world…Your coaching style is “coaching by stealth” – you don’t insist, but you come up with great ideas and ask great questions which sort of linger and make you think afterward… Barbara truly is the best of the best among professional coaches.  Her superb listening skills, keen perception, and willingness to share her vast knowledge in personal development helped me transform my life… She is one of the most “grounded” women I know and her valuable coaching advice allows me to focus, think on my own and progress… you have a tremendous ability to sit with others in non-judgment and to help them see themselves more clearly… I loved the depth, humanity, sensitivity and caring Barbara brought to our times together. I feel blessed…. Barbara has empathy, integrity, and wisdom... Barbara was a supportive and creative coach who led me back to seeing myself as a vital and creative person… Barbara held the space of comfort & safety that made sharing feel less exposed or vulnerable. Her feedback was very valuable…                     


How can I help you? Client quotes...
a great sense of freedom…feel lighter…hopeful…truly healing…truly liberating…increased our revenue per existing customer by 30% and exceeded our new customer acquisition goals. …razor-sharp clarity on my values and how I want to use my gifts in the world…feel less fear…more trusting of myself…confident…hopeful…excited about the future…I am much more positive and have a lot more tools to draw on to resolve problems… I see a bigger picture…I don’t feel trapped in my life…empowered me…I have a better relationship with money…I see myself more clearly…I feel blessed…instrumental in helping me to create what I want in my life…I now make more money than I ever have before (more than double the salary of my last job)…relationship changes that are positively affecting my life…increased the quality of my life…led me back to seeing myself as a vital and creative person…allowed me to have the energy to get back to my goals….(I'm) a better happier personal trainer and mom - not to mention a saner one…I finally feel comfortable in my own skin… (Complete testimonials on “Testimonials” page)                                                                            


We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

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