Enjoy more rewarding personal and professional relationships?

•  Work in a meaningful career you love?

  Successfully live, work & communicate across cultures?

  Do this while experiencing peace, balance & vitality?

I'm a Transformational Coach
who works with your WHOLE self, guiding you to see your life, and the world from a 30,000 foot airplane view versus a 3 foot windshield view and apply universal principles and real world skills to your life, work and relationships for greater peace, freedom, joy and success.

With over 30 years of proven business and life experience, I'm passionate about serving as a bridge to foster greater understanding and appreciation among people of diverse worldviews & cultures. I’ve worked globally and across cultures to help leaders, professionals and others realize greater well-being, fulfillment and sustainable success through applying universal principles, people skills and cross-cultural skills to their lives, work and relationships.

I've realized success as an award-winning Sales Consultant, Communication Skills Trainer, Life & Business Coach, and Intercultural Coach & Facilitator; I'm certified as a: Communication Skills & Cross-Cultural Facilitator, DiSC Behavioral Analyst, Grief Recovery Specialist, and Deep Change® Spiritual Intelligence Coach and hold a Masters in International Management. I bring a big picture perspective, deep listening, wisdom and compassion to the coaching & training of multicultural professionals.

As a creative change catalyst who turns the light on in the room, I challenge the status quo, and ask "Why not?"

I’m gifted at guiding my clients in doing the inner mindset work needed to create the results they want in their outer world, while creating more balance, well-being on all levels (mind, body, heart & spirit), and ---s--l--o--w--i--n--g----d--o--w--n--- to savor life more. I love helping people develop self and other-awareness, communicate more effectively for better relationships, and find the gifts inherent in change & loss to live even more purposefully and fully.


Relationships - Build successful relationships through effective communication

Career - Find or enhance work you love, aligned with your values, gifts and passions

Cross-cultural – Gain the confidence & skills to successfully live & work in other cultures

Well-being - Be more present, balanced & vibrant in body, mind, heart & spirit

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein

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